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"Swapfiets employed Artificial Intelligence to reimagine the iconic photos of the car-free days from 50 years ago, offering a vision of what monthly car-free days could bring to the modern cityscape of the Netherlands today. This innovative approach serves to structurally demonstrate the potential benefits in making cities cleaner, quieter and more livable."

Swapfiets / Blyde PR

AI generated campaign images

On September 22nd, World Car-Free Day, Swapfiets called for the reintroduction of monthly car-free days in Dutch cities. This move would create more space for cyclists and pedestrians, improve air quality, and reduce CO2 emissions. Fifty years after the introduction of car-free Sundays in 1973 and 1974, the provider of circular 'bike as a service' subscriptions is advocating for a return.


Using AI-generated images inspired by iconic photos from 50 years ago, Swapfiets demonstrates how this change can structurally improve the livability of modern cities. This call for car-free days has also been formally presented to larger Dutch municipalities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague.


Artificial Intelligence was harnessed by Fizzbake for Swapfiets to bring to life a provocative vision of what cities like Amsterdam or Utrecht could look like with monthly car-free days. In collaboration with Blyde PR we created a compelling narrative showcasing a more sustainable and livable urban environment. This approach goes beyond mere statistics and policy arguments; it makes tangible the cleaner air, quieter streets, and increased social interaction spaces, offering a glimpse into an alternative, better reality that's within our grasp.

Driving change

This forward-thinking use of AI aligns perfectly with our mantra that "we can already imagine a better future, we just have to build it." By employing cutting-edge technology to visualize transformative changes in real-world settings, we can not only imagine a more sustainable world but also arm the public and policymakers with a vivid blueprint to drive change.


The AI-generated images serve as both inspiration and challenge—a concrete representation of the city we could inhabit if we have the collective will to make these visions a reality. This project underscores the powerful role that imagination, backed by technology, can play in instigating real-world improvements.


Check out the Swapfiets press release.

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