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"Our House in Amsterdam, the world's first museum experience around electronic music, sells the 'keys of the museum' in the form of 1,980 unique digital property deeds (NFTs). These keys not only give the owner unlimited access to the experience and private events and parties, but also creative control over part of the exhibition."

Our House Amsterdam

Digital Membership NFT Collection

Our House is the world’s first electronic music museum experience, located in Amsterdam. Over the past decades, electronic dance music grew from an underground scene to a global phenomenon. Our House brings a futuristic and innovative experience – Visitors take a multi-sensory tour through the evolution of house music; from Detroit to Amsterdam, London to Berlin and from Las Vegas to Ibiza; the trip of this groundbreaking musical genre from the early ‘80s until now.

NFT Collection

Technological advancement has always been one of the key drivers in the evolution of electronic music. Our House is a high-tech experience paying homage not only to international electronic music culture, but also to the technology that propels it.

The Our House NFT Collection is a tribute to music, culture, art and technology, but also serves as a key to our collective future. By getting a hold of one of the 1.980 unique keys to Our House, you can claim your spot in the world’s first electronic music museum experience. 

Our House NFT Collection animation
Our House Amsterdam entrance


By itself, each NFT key provides lifetime access to the Our House experience. Together, the keys combine to form a living mosaic artwork that is on permanent display in the museum.

Collectively, the 1.980 keys are the ultimate representation of the Our House community. Every single key features its own unique computer generated art, and private access allows key holders to upload custom content to the living artwork, directly exhibiting their favourite personal pieces of electronic music history.

Every holder of a first generation Our House NFT is considered to be an exclusive member of the Our House family, and gets invites to private events, parties and openings. Our House family members receive priority access to all current and future endeavours of Our House, including the Our House Academy.


Our House attaches great importance to inclusiveness and accessibility, and therefore makes buying and managing the NFTs extra simple. Those who want to get started with their own wallet will receive extensive help, but those who do not want to delve into the technology can easily receive the NFT in a professionally secured and managed wallet at Amdax, a Dutch crypto bank with a DNB registration and banking license. All they have to do is identify themselves, the rest is taken care of.


Check out the Our House NFT website, or join the Discord channel.

Our House Amsterdam museum experience
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